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Country IP Filter

Country IP Filter

Country and IP Filter is an ultimate Magento module to protect your priceless Magento site from unwanted hackers (countries, IP addresses or IP ranges). It is no secret that when your web site is becoming more popular, many bad crooks from all over the world will try to hack or to destroy or to annoy you and your priceless site. This is where this module is needed to block those crooks from even accessing your site. No coding skill is needed. Setup is very easy. All you need is to enter the code of the countries that you want to block (or allow) such as CN (China), VI (Vietnam), etc.

Alternatively, you can also block (or allow) by their IP address such as,,, etc. For shorthand, rather than typing so many individual IPs, you can use IP range such as (this will block all IP addresses from to

You have built your site so hard with so much spent time and money. Don't let your site be attacked by the crooks. Get rid of them before they start annoying you. Get this module and start having peace of mind knowing the crooks are now gone.


  • Magento CE 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  • Magento EE 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
  • Ultimate security for your Magento site
  • Allow or disallow countries to access frontend and backend
  • Blacklist or Whitelist IP addresses or ranges to access frontend or backend
  • Both IPv4 or IPv6 are compatible
  • Easy installation
  • Nothing complicated, just install then start protecting your Magento site from unwanted countries and/or IP addresses or IP ranges
  • 100% follow Magento best practices
  • Use GeoLite database by MaxMind
  • 6 months free full support
  • NOTE: This extension requires IonCube. Please read our FAQ and Terms Conditions or contact us for more details.



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Todd Voirol  (Tuesday, 19 March 2013)
Rating: 5
I thought before it was only the country. That's good that I can use IP address to block some of annoying people that I don't like. I know they can their IP easily. That's ok. It means they have to keep rebooting their router every day. Very disgusting.

tim van hoof  (Thursday, 07 March 2013)
Rating: 5
I hate hackers. Wish I could block them by their names or their face or whatever. A bunch of pathetic losers. Thanks to this module. It makes my life a bit easier.

ksaier ahmed  (Monday, 31 December 2012)
Rating: 4
I used to use a bunch of IP address to protect my site from hackers. Thanks to this module. I simply type the country that I want to block. Very easy and simple.

Yangpin Zhou  (Friday, 28 December 2012)
Rating: 4
Too many bad guys out there. It's impossible to avoid them all. But at least with this module I can reduce the risk of being hacked. Better do something than none.

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