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Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate is a Magento module that can automatically translate your CMS Pages and Product Descriptions on the fly. As you know, Magento default locales won't be able to translate your CMS Pages and Product Descriptions automatically on the fly, instead you have to translate it by yourself.

Imagine if you have to translate all your CMS Pages and Product Descriptions manually to every single locale/language, what would happen? Very impossible. On the other hand, you want to attract more visitors from around the world which many of them do not quite understand English if not at all. Then here comes this module to the rescue.

If you think that your sites or your products are planned to be known to all over the world, then you will definitely need this module. All you have to do is to write your CMS Pages and Product Descriptions in your language then let this module do the rest to translate the pages for you on the fly to whatever language your site visitors want to.

Google Translate module is not a store switcher. The difference between Google Translate module and Store Switcher are:

1. With Google Translate module, you don’t need to create any other localization stores. You just need one default store. With Store Switcher, you need to create other localization stores (English, German, French, etc).
2. With Google Translate module, you don’t have to translate Product Descriptions and CMS Pages. With Store Switcher, you need to translate manually your Product Descriptions and CMS Pages.

Don't let them walk away because they don't understand your site language, instead grab them before they leave your site forever. Not only it will save your time because you don't have to manually translate all the pages and descriptions, but also it will help you to attract more visitors no matter what their language is. Get more visitors to your site by having your site look like a pro and act like a pro.

Extension Features:

  • Automatically translate your CMS pages on the fly
  • Automatically translate your Product Description on the fly
  • More than 50 languages available
  • Attract more visitors from all over the world
  • Easy installation
  • Nothing complicated, just install then start attract more visitors from all over the world
  • Created under /app/code/community/ instead of /app/code/local/ which means you can overwrite the extension rules
  • 100% follow Magento best practices
  • 6 months free support
  • DEMO



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Thiti Ratsameetammachote  (Monday, 07 October 2013)
Rating: 5
The reviews I read are not lying. I tried to boy this product and yes it works as expected. For $29 much better than to translate my snowboarding stores one by one.

Ali Veli  (Friday, 02 August 2013)
Rating: 4
I read the reviews before I purchased this module. I know this module doesn't work on Google Chrome. But I still need it because I can't translate all the product description to 2-3 different languages where we want to sell the items. Overall, it works well and the price is very reasonable. Support is excellent either.

Pal Winkler-Antal  (Monday, 25 March 2013)
Rating: 5
I'm from Israel. This module works fine to translate my product to English.

Vince Deters  (Thursday, 14 March 2013)
Rating: 5
My wine store has many French language. My english is not good. My developer from US left me and don't want to help to translate. Thank you to this extension. I searched this from google and find it. Easy to install.

Patricio Maldonado  (Tuesday, 19 February 2013)
Rating: 4
This module is good to translate your product description only. You can't use it for checkout. When checkout you have to go back to your default language.

Douglas Tocco  (Tuesday, 15 January 2013)
Rating: 3
It works as advertized, but alas, it doesn't work on Google Chrome. The author said Google doesn't allow the API to work on its browser. Too bad.

Joseph Scarlato  (Sunday, 02 December 2012)
Rating: 5
Nice job!

Sverre Platou  (Sunday, 11 November 2012)
Rating: 4
Doesn't work on chrome. Wish it work. But, well, better than none.

Juraj Keser  (Monday, 08 October 2012)
Rating: 5
I'm new to Magneto. I moved from opencart. This module helped me a lot. Thanks!

pedro moreno  (Thursday, 27 September 2012)
Rating: 5
Grazie. it works good on my site. I don't need to translate my products to english anymore. Save my time a lot.

John Destiny  (Saturday, 04 August 2012)
Rating: 4
Perfect Magneto module for store with many languages line mine.

Mike Fower  (Saturday, 28 July 2012)
Rating: 5
This extension ease my work. The translation may not be too good, but hey, it's better than to translate thousands of products.

Leonardo Oliveira  (Friday, 06 July 2012)
Rating: 5
Excellent. I don't have to translate the product description on every product. I have more then 1000 products.

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