VirtueMart Featured Product Carousel


VirtueMart Featured Product CarouselVirtueMart Featured Product Carousel is a Joomla 1.5 native module to show published VirtueMart featured products or Special products in carousel display. From admin backend, you can adjust the following parameters:

  • Total number of displayed products.
  • Auto-scroll and auto-stop if the user clicks the prev or next button.
  • Whether to show product price or not.
  • Whether to show Add-To-Cart link or not.
  • Whether to show Short Product Description or not.
  • Total products per row.
  • Category ID to be displayed.
  • Width and height of the carousel container box.
  • Top and bottom padding values between container box and product items.
  • Module and menu class suffixes.
  • NOTE: If you install both "VirtueMart Featured Product Carousel" and "VirtueMart Latest Product Carousel", you have to enable them in different menu item (or ItemID). Otherwise, the javascript will conflict.

You can see the demo HERE

This extension is distributed under GNU/GPL license.