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Magento Responsive Theme - White Lily

Magento Responsive Theme - White Lily

We proudly release our first Magento responsive theme, White Lily. Although this theme is initially designed for flower store, this theme is actually very universal and definitely can be used for any kind of stores. The most important of this theme is not the kind of store, but the rich of features that can be used immediately out of the box with just a few setup.

We know there are already many other Magento responsive themes out there. So what are the differences between our responsive theme and the other responsive themes out there? Let us describe all the advantages that you will get one by one so you can know why our responsive themes are much better than the others.

  1. Score 97/100 at Pingdom with only 42 HTTP Request and 500 KB page size. HTTP Request and Page Size are very important for the performance of your site. You can use this as a comparison point (besides W3C validations) with other Magento Responsive Themes.
  2. Google, Bing, Yahoo Rich Snippet. With rich snippet, your products will listed in Google/Bing/Yahoo with image, rating, review, description and breadcrumb. It's been well-known that those products will have bigger chance to get click from users.
  3. With more and more gadgets are coming up, more and more different screen sizes must be taken care of. From 3" all the way up to 21" or more, all those gadgets have definitely different screen size and resolution. Just like other responsive themes, our responsive theme can automatically accommodate all those screen sizes very easily. However, many of other responsive themes are not utilizing the best of CSS 3.

    The most notable feature is the rem unit. Many of them are still using em unit which is popular in CSS 2 but not CSS 3. Even worse, many of them are still using the fixed unit, pixels. With rem unit, by simply editing one parameter, you can easily adjust to whatever screen size. The CSS 2 em unit has a big problem with compounding issue. Our responsive themes are backward compatible by using both pixels for old browsers and rem for modern browsers.

  4. Magento always recommends to use its best practices for all custom themes. The most important one is the use of local.xml. We notice many of Magento responsive theme makers out there are lazy and do not want to use local.xml. They simply copy all the default layout XMLs from base folder then edit it one by one to match their needs. Why did they do this? Because it's easy for them but not for you, the buyer!

    Why is it difficult for you? Because you will get confused with so many layout XMLs that you have to edit if you want to customize the theme. With local.xml, you just need to edit one file thus very clean and easy to maintain and manage.

    Why this is not Magento best practice? Because you will get problem when upgrading Magento. When you upgrade Magento, all the default XMLs will be upgraded. If your custom theme is not using local.xml, you will lose all the upgrade features because your custom theme is using custom XMLs. But if your custom theme is using local.xml, you will not lose the upgrade features because your custom theme is using default XMLs.

  5. Often in small screen gadgets like smartphones and small tablets, you enlarge the display to better see the fonts. Many of other responsive themes are still using image icons. These image icons will be degradated if you enlarge the screen. Our responsive themes are using font icons instead of image icons.

    There are at least 3 advantages of using font icons compared with conventional image icons. First, font icons will never get degraded no matter how big you enlarge the screen. Second, font icons are much faster. Third, font icons will reduce http request.

  6. Our responsive themes have product galleries out of the box. With these product galleries, you can easily show your New Products, Sale Products, Featured Products, Best Selling Products, Most Viewed Products and Top Rated Products. You can either show all those galleries in tabs or just part of them or just one of them in carousel style.
  7. We also proudly make our Magento responsive theme codes clean and W3C compliant. All our Magento responsive themes are HTML 5 validated and CSS 3 validated. Clean codes will make your site better for Search Engines Optimization (SEO). We have tested all our Magento responsive themes on all major browsers from desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.
  8. With 18-column grid system, our Magento responsive theme has more flexibility than the 12-column grid system. No matter how many columns you have on a specific row, we have prepared that for you. And these columns will automatically adjust by itself on every screen resolution.
  9. We also added the Ajax Add-to-Cart feature on this theme so you can just use it immediately out of the box. Ajax Add-to-Cart is very important for your store because it will give your users better browsing experience.
  10. 12 months or full 1 year of free support including free updates in case we ever need to release a patch or adding new features to this already rich feature theme.

Complete Template Features:

  • Magento CE 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  • Magento EE 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones compatible
  • Responsive Slideshow, sliders, carousels
  • Responsive Menu System
  • Mega Menu
  • Accordion Menus
  • Image Zoom and Preview
  • HTML 5 compatible
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 validated
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo Rich Snippet
  • Follow Magento best practices
  • Use local.xml as opposed to bunch of XMLs
  • Easy to upgrade since there is only one XML file
  • Easy to manage since there is only one XML file
  • Ajax Add to Cart in Product Listing
  • Ajax Add to Cart in Product Page
  • Ajax Add to Cart in all carousels
  • 18-column Grid system for better flexibility
  • Modern style of font icons for better responsivity
  • Clean codes and faster loading
  • Works almost out of the box with very minimal setup
  • 12 months free support and updates
  • And much more



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Agnes Puknaitino  (Wednesday, 09 October 2013)
Rating: 5
Purchased a week ago and so far works as it is advertised. Good job!

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